Elevate Your Career at Buoy

Elevate Your Career at Buoy

As a team member of Buoy Salon & Spa, you don’t just turn up to a ‘job’ every day. You walk into a world of creativity, inspiration, and encouragement, where countless opportunities exist to upskill, expand and develop your passion. 

Buoy is home to a range of creative talent. Some of our stylists have been perfecting their expertise in cutting and colouring for decades. Our up-and-coming juniors flourish thanks to exposure to experienced skill sets on the floor and ongoing educational workshops. 

Commitment to your growth

Working for Buoy Salon & Spa, you’ll attend workshops and events led by inspiring experts who are at the top of their game. Our very own Colour Director Mathias regularly contributes to the industry’s growth by running cut colour and fashion workshops around the country.

Our spa therapists receive educational training from premium skincare brand Ultraceuticals. They are also upskilled by Cutera – our advanced laser technology and are provided with ongoing training by leading beauty suppliers.

We believe that investing in our team enriches their journey as a stylist or beauty therapist and adds value to the industry as a whole. We’re committed to helping our team become experts through privately paid ongoing education.

There’s nothing more satisfying than witnessing the elevation, growth and confidence in our juniors, therapists and senior stylists when learning from the best in the business. By elevating our team, we’re actively helping cultivate a deeper passion for the hair and beauty industry.

 “At Buoy, everyone is totally different, and I love that. Combined, we are a crazy family (in the best way possible). Every person that comes through the business brings a unique skill-set and their own energy to the mix. The one thing we all have in common is our openness. Buoy is an open and honest place, and that makes it a refreshing place to work. I also love Buoy’s clientele – they are all open, friendly and interesting people.” Courtney – Senior Stylist. 

Helping you stand out in a competitive industry

As industry leaders, exposure and participation in the development of our craft is crucial to staying ahead of the curve. Our team are trained in the latest colour and cutting trends and are consistently encouraged to push creative boundaries.

Our team is supported to enter national and international competitions, and assist on fashion photoshoots and runway events whenever the opportunity arises. This encouragement motivates junior and senior stylists alike to challenge the traditional approach to hairdressing and experiment in new ways.

The Spa team enters the prestigious Ultraceuticals RVR 90 (Real Visible Results in 90 days) competition every year. The campaign celebrates transformative skin results achieved for clients by skin therapists based on a combination of prescribed Ultraceuticals home care and in-salon treatments. Our Spa therapist, Cara, won in 2021.

“There are so many creative facets at Buoy that the team is encouraged to take part in. We are supported to enter competitions and get involved in photoshoots.

A big team means lots of diverse talent and skillsets to keep learning from. There is no one set way to approach colouring or styling, and that keeps things interesting.”

Andrew Cobeldick – Master Stylist.

Exposure to world-class educators

We recently had an exclusive one-on-one training session with the legendary Peter Thomsen, a master of blonde balayage and widely recognised for his craft. Thomsen spent time with our team, showcasing and educating the latest balayage techniques. These specialist workshops allow the team to develop their understanding and technical skillset, work on social media skills and most importantly, help to inspire and motivate them to dream big.

We also have global education sensation Jaye Edwards joining us in the salon in November for a private education session…. So stay tuned!

"What I love most about working at Buoy is always learning new techniques and tricks from the stylist. It’s really inspiring to be working with world-class hairdressers every day.” Torri – apprentice

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