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De-Stress - 60 chewable liquid capsules

Anxiety. Stress. Reset. As part of your daily health routine, De-Stress relieves symptoms of stress and mild anxiety for mental wellbeing.

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De-Stress is a citrus-flavoured chewable liquid burstlet delivering calm when you need it most. Scientifically formulated with a clinically studied botanical extract and key mood stabilising actives – including vitamin C and vitamin B5 – De-Stress targets immediate feelings of stress while working to promote healthy emotional balance and improve general health.

 Unlike standard anti-stress supplements, De-Stress moderates how your body adapts and responds to stress in both the short and long-term. Fast-acting and bioavailable, De-Stress uses both physiological and sensorial mechanisms to support relaxation – reducing anxiety by 39% in 6 weeks and stress-related tension by 59% after 12 weeks (1). Formulated to balance overwhelmed minds, De-Stress is your dose of mental clarity when life gets too busy.

(1). Uebelhack, I. (2012). Evaluation of benefit and tolerability of Serenzo® in chronically stressed subjects, open-label, pilot monocentric study.


  • Relieves symptoms of stress
  • Relieves symptoms of mild anxiety
  • Supports healthy mood balance
  • Improves general health and wellbeing
  • Supports healthy stress response in the body
  • Increases mind relaxation


[clinical results]

-47.9% reduction in stress related concentration after 12 weeks (1)

-41.2% reduction in stress related sleep issues after 12 weeks (1)

-39% reduction anxiety in 6 weeks, -63% reduction after 12 weeks (1)

-59% reduction in stress related tension after 12 weeks (1)




Why do I need it?

Stress is a normal reaction to the everyday modern living. Impacting nearly every system of the body, it influences how we feel and behave, and can have a dramatic impact on our mental, emotional and physical health. De-Stress is a unique sensorial burstlet that acts immediately to keep your mind calm throughout the day and keep your stress and anxiety levels in check.


Who’s it for?

De-Stress is for women looking to reduce stress, calm an anxious mind and promote mental wellbeing.

What’s in it?

Hero active Serenzo®, vitamin C and vitamin B5.

What’s the dosage? 

Take 1-4 chewable liquid burstlets daily, as needed 

[all ingredients]

Serenzo® Citrus sinensis

Std. 20% D-limonene 500mg

Vitamin C 25mg

Calcium pantothenate

Equiv. vitamin B5 5.45mg 5.00mg


[nutritional information]

Not suitable for children and adolescents under 18 years of age. Contains soy derived substances, may not be suitable for those with a soy allergy.


[how to consume]

Take 1 chewable liquid capsule 1-4 times daily, as needed.

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