Senior Colourist & Make Up Artist

"Money comes and goes but your story is forever." - Courtney's parents

Courtney has always loved the fashion and beauty industry. She won the prestigious Makeup Artist of the Year award at the 2017 NZHA Industry awards. Courtney has been creating the most beautiful Colours for her clients and has become sought after.

She is thriving by being surrounded by the best in hair and beauty talent in New Zealand, which has only made her passion for the industry even stronger.

Over her career Courtney has had a vast amount of experience in all different fields of our industry, such as working with clients and runways, editorial, being on stage, being published in magazines and more. An amazing colourist and your go-to for any hair/makeup for events or photoshoots.

Derek Elvy Visionary Award
Industry Award for Avante Garde hair - Courtney Taylor

Make Up Artist of the Year 2017