Why We Love Vida Glow Marine Collagen

Why We Love Vida Glow Marine Collagen

Amidst a sea of ingestible collagen options what makes Vida Glow’s Marine Collagen different?

Proven by science:

Vida Glow’s marine collagen is a high-grade, pure marine collagen clinically proven and backed by science to deliver visible results to skin within 8 weeks of consistent supplementation.

Sustainably sourced:

Vida Glow’s marine collagen is responsibly sourced from open-water farms in Europe. Our collagen is derived from fish skin, a by-product of the food industry that would otherwise be discarded as waste. And we use a range of species to complete the complex amino acid profile necessary to deliver clinical results from collagen supplementation.  

Backed by leading skin experts and doctors:

Vida Glow’s Natural Marine Collagen is supported by a panel of external skin experts, including dermatologists, cosmetic doctors and scientists, who publicly support ingestible beauty – and Vida Glow’s marine collagen – as part of a beauty routine.  

Convenient, delicious and heat stable:

Vida Glow is designed for busy, modern living. In single-serve, tear-and-go sachets, our collagen is easy to add to your beauty routine, whenever, wherever you are. In a range of fruit flavours or unflavoured Original, Natural Marine Collagen is delicious mixed into water (no complicated smoothie needed). Plus, it’s heat stable and can be added to hot drinks like tea and coffee.  

How is hydrolysed marine collagen superior?

Marine collagen is most bioavailable and effective when supplemented as a hydrolysed powder or liquid.

Collagen in its raw form, for example in bone broths, is a very large molecule and not well absorbed by the body. So it doesn’t offer much benefit for skin.

Ingestible innovation has evolved beyond this with hydrolysation – the natural, enzymatic process we use to break-down collagen into small amino acids and peptides. This creates a low molecular weight peptide powder that your body can absorb and put to use to replenish and restore collagen to a deeper layer of skin, hair and nails.  

While collagen sources include bovine (from cows) and porcine (from pigs) studies have noted that marine-based collagen can be absorbed 1.5 times more efficiently.

Additionally, compared to bovine and porcine collagen, marine collagen is highest in collagen types I and III. These types of collagen offer the best benefits for skin, hair and nails. 

How can we benefit from ingestible beauty?

The benefits of ingestible beauty supplements are far-reaching, from reducing wrinkles to boosting skin radiance and even promoting hair growth. This is the advantage of addressing your beauty concerns below the surface at a cellular level.

The vast majority of your skin exists below the surface. The surface layer of skin, where most traditional skincare operates, makes up for only 3% of the complete skin organ. Ingestible beauty products start inside the body where the ingredients can penetrate the other 97% of skin. So, with ingestible beauty, you can address more of the skin, than just the superficial outer layers. 

When your beauty routine utilises topical products alongside ingestible beauty supplements, you’re able to target all layers of skin for a complete skin routine with supercharged results.

Why should we take Marine Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. It’s responsible for giving our skin, hair, nails and joints their structure, elasticity and firmness. However, from our mid-20s our collagen levels start to naturally decline. In early menopause, skin collagen levels decrease even more rapidly with a collagen reduction of approximately 30% in the first 5 years.

When our collagen levels decline, we begin to see the formation of fine lines, hair thinning and brittle nails. This is when collagen supplementation is so important. By supplementing with a highly bioavailable collagen peptide powder, you are directly providing high amounts of necessary amino acids and peptides that the body needs to form collagen.  

 Vida Glow’s hydrolysed Marine Collagen is clinically proven to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin firmness and enhance skin elasticity. Some of the first benefits people see from collagen supplementation is in the thickness of their hair and strength of their nails.  




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